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About Us

M.Y Cosmetics Co.,Limited was established in 2009,which is a professional manufacturer of makeup brushes,beauty blender,acrylic organizer.

Our Brand is MetyoLife
The Founder said:"Makeup tools be able to bring color to woman's face,also I hope the person you meet will be bring color to your life."

Relevant products:Great makeup brush sets,beauty blender/makeup sponge,disposable lip/eyeliner brush, eyelash Curler,cosmetic bag, disposable mascara brush,eyeshadow pallete,nail tool etc.

Makeup brush OEM/ODM  is available,private logo is available,sample order is available!!We just hope that customers can be satisfied with their design.We will do our best to meet customers request.

We Provided service to many many countries:Loving beauty is part of human nature.

Welcome you to join us.